· Variations in color and consistency in natural products is normal! Product color will vary from batch to batch depending on many variables.
· Natural ingredients vary, depending on the supplier, the time that an ingredient is harvested, the variety of the ingredient, the climate that they ingredient grows in all contribute to an ingredient characteristic.
· Ingredient and Product color and consistency will also change over time, depending on exposure to light and heat.
· Unrefined oils have more color than refined oils. Refining exposes the oil to heat which removes color.
· Synthetic products have a uniform look, while natural products may have variations
·  Pharmaceuticals rely heavily on the use of synthesized and/or laboratory-derived ingredients, which allow for tight controls on how the end product will look and physically perform once the methods for manufacturing have been established. The use of synthetic dyes and colorants mask any variations that would otherwise be apparent in the product.
· Color variations can actually indicate quality in natural products ...liquid extracts will frequently have varying amounts of sediment resting at the bottom of the bottle. Again, although it may not be aesthetically pleasing, the sediment is loaded with many of the natural nutritional components of the herbs. These products should be shaken well before each use. (Excerpts from



·  Unopened products have a guaranteed (18) month shelf life under optimal conditions. This means that they must be stored at no more than 72 degrees most of the time.
·  Products are best if used within one year. Open products have an estimated six months shelf life if stored in cool temperatures.
·  Products best if sold within one year of receipt.
·  Always be sure to use FIFO. First In First Out. Stock should be rotated to ensure “older” products sell first.
·  Hawaiian Body Products will not take back old product, nor can we condone selling products after one year of purchase.
·  Sell By & Batch codes are located on the bottom of each product and on the outside of each case pack.
· The “sell by” date is located at the top. Top left (2 digits) is month, top right (4 digits) is year. The bottom number (3 digits) is our batch number.
·  Unsold products should be pulled from sales shelf at the end of the month of the “sell by” date. Please dispose.


Testers are a vital for retail sales. They give the customer a scent journey and little feel of what to expect from OLA. Please be sure to always have fresh, good looking and good smelling testers out for your customers to try.

· Testers can be ordered at any time and they are ½ of standard wholesale cost.
· We recommend having a tester out for each product you carry, except for the sugar polish, body wash, and hair care. If you have a sink available, you can consider having these out to try.
·  Most products should be shaken or stirred before each use. EXCEPTION: Body Butters and Mana Moisturizer should not be stirred, as they will separate. Please note: KAI sea mud mask naturally separates. Please be careful when opening, do not pour off the liquid at the top. Stir the product well until it looks like a lotion consistency.
·  Once opened, the product starts to oxidize, which will change the product over time. Testers should be cleaned and closed at the end of the day to help prevent this.
·  Customers should NOT be sticking their fingers in the testers, as this will contaminate the product and may introduce bacteria.
·  We can provide mini spatulas (please request) for your jar product testers. These can be washed and sanitized with alcohol at end of day and reused. Be sure not to get any water into the products, as bacteria will set in and product will go bad.
·  You can use a clean paper towel and rubbing alcohol to wipe the edges of the jars and/or the pump tops to keep from clogging.
·  Ola Pono groups tend to be a bit oilier, and bottles and jars should be wiped down with alcohol daily. Oily products become slippery and then may be mishandled by customers.
·  Check your testers monthly for any changes in smell and/or texture. Replace as often as needed to help with sales. Appearance and smell are the first things that the customer will base their experience to end with a purchase.
·  Should your “tester” sticker need to be replaced, please let us know and we can send you replacements.