Ola Pono Lomi Stick


This natural massage tool is a mini version of the traditional Hawaiian Lomi stick used for healing massage. The smooth, dense wood stick is used to mitigate symptoms of stress, increase circulation, release toxins, and promote well-being.

Harvested from Invasive Guava and Waiawi in the forests of The Big Island.

Approximate 6" tall

Use both the tapered end on pressure points and the long side on larger muscles. Use anywhere on the body by holding in one or both hands to massage into the muscles.  For added benefits use with our healing massage oil or moisturizing body products.

The purchase of Lomi sticks directly supports the makers: a local Hawaiian community living off the land in the traditional way, at Kings Landing Village in Hilo. A donation is also made to the KUPU Foundation, promoting sustainability projects in Hawaiʻi.

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